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The Prime Minister of Tajikistan visited the hospital victims of avalanches in Khorog

Tajik Prime Minister Kokhir Rasulzoda, who is in Khorog at the head of a government delegation, visited the areas of Khorog affected by snow avalanches.

He also visited the victims of the disaster in the hospital, the press service of the Khukumat of GBAO reports.

Recall that on February 20, a government delegation arrived in Khorog , where 16 people died as a result of avalanches last week.

The Secretary of the Security Council of the country Nasrullo Mahmudzoda, the head of the CoES Rustam Nazarzoda, the Minister of Industry Sherali Kabir, the leadership of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Transport also arrived in Khorog. They got acquainted with the progress of work to eliminate the consequences of the disaster in the administrative center of GBAO.

The Prime Minister instructed the responsible persons to complete the planned construction work for the homeless as soon as possible.

Recall that in Khorog, as a result of avalanches, 16 people died, two more were buried under the snow in Vanj, and one died on the Dushanbe-Varzob road.

Financial assistance has been allocated from the Fund of the President of Tajikistan for families affected by avalanches in the Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Region. Each family that has lost their loved ones is allocated 40,000 somoni for each victim of a natural disaster, and affected citizens will receive 10,000 somoni.

Avalanche risk persists
Meanwhile, according to the CoES, several avalanches descended in GBAO on February 20.

So, at 20 km of the Khorog-Ishkashim road, in the Pishparin village of the G. Shakhbozov rural jamoat of the Shugnan district of GBAO, the road was blocked as a result of a rockfall.

To carry out work to eliminate the consequences, employees of the road service of the Ministry of Transport and special equipment of the district were involved, and at 13:15 the road was cleared, traffic was restored, the press service of the CoES said.

“At 03:40 pm, an avalanche was recorded on the 549th km of the Dushanbe-Rushan-Khorog road in the village of Pastkhuf, Rushan district, which caused the road to be closed. At 04:20 pm, the road was cleared and traffic was restored,” the statement says. message.

The CoES also writes that at 16:40 on the territory of the Khorog-Roshtkala road, near the village of Shikush of the rural jamoat named after Kurbonshoh Gadoaliev, Roshtkala district, the road was temporarily closed as a result of two mudflows. With the help of special equipment at 19:45 the road was reopened for the movement of cars.

On the morning of February 21, all the country’s main roads are operating normally, except for the Rushan-Bartang highway, where work is underway to eliminate the consequences of avalanches, the CoES reports.

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