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Biden’s Delay in Downing Spy Balloon Now Reeks Even More

So the Chinese spy balloon was likely sending information back to Beijing the whole time it was meandering across the United States.

Why again did Team Biden wait so long to shoot it down?

Both CNN and NBC report that the craft was equipped to transmit data as well as collect it.

The officials who relayed that info also note that Washington acted to restrict what it could gather by shutting down activities at US bases as the balloon soared above them.

Yet why let it proceed at all?

First detected as it entered US airspace over Alaska Jan. 28, it went on its merry way until the Pentagon had it shot down Feb. 4 off the South Carolina coast.

But the Bidenites didn’t even admit its existence until Feb. 2, after Montana locals spotted it in the air and the story made national news.

The administration’s excuse is that downing it over populated areas might’ve harmed civilians — though it crossed plenty of desolate spaces during the trip, especially at the start.

President Joe Biden speaks at the Cummins Power Generation facility on Apr. 3, 2023.AP/Carolyn Kaster

Adding to suspicions that the president only ordered it shot down at all because of the terrible publicity, US forces then spasmodically and with maximum publicity downed several other balloons, only to admit they were nothing like the spycraft.

The legal situation never changed: Washington always had a perfect right to take out a foreign craft in US airspace.

And now that we know the balloon was able to report back home, the refusal to down it looks all the weirder.

You don’t have to think President Joe Biden’s afraid to stand up to China because Beijing has something on him thanks to son Hunter’s influence-peddling schemes.

This administration is full of “thinkers” who can justify not being “aggressive” — witness how it keeps delaying for months on sending Ukraine the higher-end weaponry it needs.

Whether the cause is corruption or ideology, Biden’s top failing is his policies.

Source : New York Post