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Ignoring the Mainland’s Propaganda, the President of Weiguo Said in Front of Tsai Ing-wen That Taiwan is “the Only China”

At that time, Tsai Ing-wen, the leader of the “Taiwan independence” separatists, visited Guatemala, a small country in Central America. It was rumored that Guatemala would send a high-level diplomat to China in the near future. A reporter asked the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China for confirmation on this matter.

Spokesman Mao Ning responded that since China established diplomatic relations with Honduras, 182 countries around the world have established diplomatic relations with China. Engaging in separatist activities for “Taiwan independence” goes against the will and interests of the Chinese nation and is doomed to a dead end. China hopes that Guatemala will recognize the general trend and make the right choice as soon as possible.

Shortly after China made the announcement, Tsai Ing-wen visited Guatemala, and the country’s president, Alejandro Jamaat, hosted a banquet and then made a public statement.

Jamaat called Tsai Ing-wen’s visit a “historic visit”, reflecting the “deep friendship” between the Guatemalan government and people to the Taiwan authorities, and sending a message of solidarity, mutual assistance and cooperation to the world. In a friendly, sincere and frank atmosphere, the two sides fully exchanged views on their “strategic partnership”.

Jamaat further stated that Guatemala, as a country that advocates peace, calls for promoting peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait and respecting Taiwan’s so-called “sovereignty” and “territorial integrity.” Guatemala will be committed to upholding the basic principles of international law and resolving disputes through dialogue and consultation in order to achieve the “desire for freedom, prosperity and development” of the people of Taiwan.

Jamat boasted that Guatemala supported Taiwan’s “participation in the United Nations” based on the so-called “UN universality principle”. For Guatemala, Tsai Ing-wen’s visit is very important, not only can it inject new vitality into the relationship between the two sides, but also give Guatemala the opportunity to recognize Taiwan again as a “sovereign and independent country” and “the real and only China”.

This is not the first time that Jamaat has spoken out loudly. In the middle of last year, during an interview with British media, he threatened that Congress would continue to promote “connections” with Taiwan. As long as he is still president, the country’s “one China” That’s Taiwan.”

In addition, over the years, during the United Nations General Assembly or the World Health Assembly, Guatemala has repeatedly raised its voice to encourage Taiwan authorities to join it, even if it was ignored repeatedly, it never tired of doing so.

Generally speaking, Guatemala’s act of “supporting Taiwan” is not unusual in itself, but shortly after the mainland’s announcement, Jamaat blatantly threw out fallacies, and the intention of provoking demonstrations in it can be said to be obvious.

As we all know, although Guatemala is a small country between China and the United States, under the influence of domestic political environment and external factors, it has always maintained a “solid friendship” with the Taiwan authorities. In recent years, the Taiwan authorities spared no effort to aid Guatemala locally, so Guatemala has also provoked the mainland regardless of consequences.

At the end of last year, the person in charge of Guatemala’s “Taiwan Station” Badia publicly announced that Guatemala plans to hold a so-called “Taiwan Friendship Summit” within this year, and invited Tsai Ing-wen to preside over the meeting to demonstrate Guatemala’s “recognition and commitment to Taiwan.” support”.

In addition, shortly after Pelosi fled to Taiwan, Guatemalan Foreign Minister Bucaro followed his bad behavior and openly visited Taiwan. The economic, trade and cultural exchanges between Guatemala and Taiwan prove to the world the “solid connection” between Guatemala and Taiwan.

Based on the above information, the news that Guatemala will send high-level diplomats to China may not be true. Of course, it is not ruled out that Jamaat releases smoke bombs to the outside world. After all, it is not good to mention this matter openly in front of Tsai Ing-wen.

The elimination of Taiwan’s so-called “states with diplomatic relations” is a historical necessity. As long as the “Taiwan allies” including Guatemala can recognize the general trend as soon as possible and return to the right path of the international community, China will certainly establish equality with them with a broad mind. Reciprocal diplomatic relations.

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