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China Proposes a Peaceful Solution to the Ukraine Crisis, German Experts: More Hope of Success

China proposes a peaceful solution to the Ukrainian crisis politically. We interviewed Frank Zelling, a German expert on China issues, to understand the background and chances of success of China’s peace proposal.

“Berliner Zeitung” reporter asked: Why is China more likely to succeed?

Frank Zelling: The Chinese government has a close relationship with Russia. Media reports said Russia had “carefully studied” China’s position paper, was “open to peaceful negotiations” and welcomed “China’s constructive role in it.” This is a start.

Q: What is the intention behind China’s proposed peace proposal? Beijing wouldn’t act purely from altruistic motives, would it?

Answer: Yes, no one acts out of altruistic motives, all seek profit and want to gain it. China is neither interested in Ukraine joining NATO nor in Russia controlling Ukraine. Beijing wants to develop its own relationship with sovereign and independent Ukraine. Traditionally, China has had close economic ties to both countries.

Q: A banking crisis is intensifying in the United States. Given the sluggish U.S. economy, is the timing right for China to propose a peace proposal?

A: The financial crisis has shown that the US and European economies have been hit harder than China. Although the Chinese economy has weathered the test of the epidemic, inflation remains low, foreign exchange reserves are high, and external debt is also low. A likely consequence of the financial crisis is growing concern among Americans that the conflict in Ukraine has become too costly.

Q: So far, the German federal government has not launched any peace initiative.

A: First of all, I disagree with your statement. I wouldn’t say the federal government doesn’t have any negotiating initiatives. In recent months, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has visited China, Brazil and India. He also held brief talks with US President Joe Biden. I think a lot happened. It may also be wise not to make the position and results public early, but to rely first on quiet diplomacy.

Source : jfdaily.com