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Cirion Looks to Build Datacenters in Chile, Peru and Brazil

Cirion plans to begin construction of three datacenters in Latin America this year and continue to expand its installed capacity in the region.

The Buenos Aires-based company said in a statement it plans a new datacenter in Santiago’s Quilicura district, where it acquired a 25,000m2 plot of land, another in Macropolis in Lurín in Peru, and the third in Cotia in São Paulo.

In Brazil, it also plans to expand the installed capacity of its Rio de Janeiro datacenter.

During 2022, Cirion’s datacenters in São Paulo, Buenos Aires, Quito, Cali and Lima saw a 12% increase in overall installed capacity, the company said.

Cirion, a result of Stonepeak’s US$2.7bn acquisition of Lumen in 2022, operates 18 datacenters in Latin America with total capacity of 40MW. This year the company expects to increase capacity by more than 6MW.

The firm is also investing in new infrastructure for monitoring and control and management services for its datacenters.

During 2023, Cirion will launch its new Bare Metal Cloud solution in various markets. The low latency solution offers automated computing power located near shopping malls. It has been available to Cirion customers in São Paulo since last month, and in Brazil’s northeast starting this month. 

Cirion also announced the expansion of its connectivity network in Latin America.

In 2023, the company expects to increase by 23TB the capacity in the different segments of submarine cables, reaching a total of 132TB.

In 2022, 1,187km of fiber optics were implemented, adding 74Tbps of capacity. In addition, peering capacity was increased, enabling exchanges of more than 27Tbps with other providers, the statement added.

Source : BnAmericas