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Burkina Faso Restores Diplomatic Relations With North Korea

The Council of Ministers has agreed to the accreditation of a North Korean Ambassador Extraordinary to Burkina Faso, with residence in Senegal. Burkina thus hopes to develop collaboration, particularly in the field of armaments.

North Korea intends to provide support in terms of security, ” through the granting of equipment and military material  “, explains the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Olivia Rouamba, who announced the restoration of diplomatic relations with the northern dictatorship. -Korean.

” Burkina needs weapons, especially for the 50,000 VDP [Volunteers for the homeland, editor’s note] recently recruited  ,” adds an observer from the region. The European Union and France have refused to fund arms for these civilian auxiliaries. North Korea has a very large arms industry.

“ But beware of international sanctions ,” recalls Antoine Bondaz, director of the Korea program at the Foundation for Strategic Research. In 2006, the UN passed a resolution banning North Korea from exporting arms. ” You have to be careful about what is feasible for Burkina  “, continues the researcher, who does not exclude the possibility of a bluff. ” By getting closer to Pyongyang, the junta also attracts the attention of Westerners ,” he concludes.

According to the latest UN reports on the sanctions imposed on North Korea, experts reveal that several African states continue to buy North Korean weapons. This is particularly the case for Eritrea, the DRC, Mozambique and Uganda.

Source : fri.fr