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20 Small Square Boxes Popped Up in the South China Sea, Each Worth Hundreds of Millions, Mei Sighed: There is No Initiative in the South China Sea

With the gradual decline of the United States, in order to maintain the glory of its little hegemony, the United States has begun to suppress China in various fields in recent years, curb China’s development, and provoke neighboring countries to continue to conflict with our country.

Just like recently, the small actions of the United States and the Philippines in the South China Sea are serious provocations to our territory. The reason why Southeast Asian countries will cooperate with the United States to follow suit is nothing more than focusing on the rich fishery and oil and gas resources in the South China Sea, and delusional attempt to borrow the power of the United States to achieve the purpose of occupying my country’s inherent territory.

According to foreign media reports, in order to better protect the safety of the South China Sea, my country has placed 20 extraordinary “small square boxes” in the South China Sea! This “small square box” is a small marine reactor named ACP100S, which is the latest offshore floating nuclear power box developed by my country. It is completely independently developed and designed by China National Nuclear Corporation. It fully meets the safety requirements of the third generation of nuclear power and is the first technology in my country.

Although it is not very eye-catching, and it is not big, but according to relevant sources, the cost of such a “small square box” is as high as 100 million yuan. You know, such a price is almost comparable to a fighter jet. Moreover, it is of great value, which can meet the energy demand of providing thermal power water for offshore drilling platforms, island development, remote areas, etc., as well as the diversified development needs of seawater desalination and nuclear energy refrigeration.

According to reports, the 719 Institute under CSIC has completed two technical solutions for marine nuclear power platforms, one is a floating nuclear power plant, that is, the nuclear power plant is placed on a floating platform; the other is a submersible nuclear power In addition to the performance requirements of the floating nuclear power plant, it can also meet the needs of the platform to dive underwater under harsh sea conditions.

It is reported that 20 such “small square boxes” were placed in the South China Sea this time, successfully solving the problems of insufficient power supply and fresh water drinking in the South my country Sea. This undoubtedly greatly enhanced the ability of our country’s military and civilians to survive here, and established a life safety barrier for our country to protect the safety of the South China Sea.

American experts said that they did not expect to pay attention to it for a period of time. The speed of China’s construction in the South China Sea is really beyond imagination. If this progress is followed, the United States will no longer have the initiative in the South China Sea in the future. At that time, there may be a large number of People’s Liberation Army stationed on the islands and reefs of the South China Sea for a long time, and it will become extremely difficult to come to the South China Sea to provoke trouble.

Source: baijiahao.baidu