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Teck Donates $7.5 Million to Chilean Nature Fund

Teck Resources announced a C$10 million ($7.5m) donation to the Chilean Nature Fund to support Chile’s Protected Marine Areas program and protection of a critical global biodiversity area.

The donation supports conservation initiatives for all Chile’s Protected Marine Program, with a focus on the Juan Fernández Archipelago, an ecologically-significant area which has been designated a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and is one of the most threatened ecosystems in the world with a high number of endemic species.

Funding will help FNC and the community of Juan Fernández design and implement protection and conservation measures in the archipelago, including the protection of rare seabirds and unique flora and fauna not found anywhere else in the world.  

Teck said it is working with local partners, communities and Indigenous Peoples to conserve ecologically and culturally significant lands and conserving or rehabilitating at least three hectares for every one hectare affected by ita mining activities.

“Biodiversity loss is an urgent global challenge that requires partnerships between local communities, non-profits, industry and government and we are grateful for the opportunity to help advance protection of the Juan Fernández Archipelago,” Teck CEO Jonathan Price said in the statement.

“We welcome…the signing of the company’s Framework Agreement with the Chilean Nature Fund. We are convinced that it is possible to advance a sustainable mining industry that supports the economic development of the country and local communities while at the same time protecting the environment,” said Marcella Hernando, Chile Minister of Mining.

“The economic support that the Chilean Nature Fund is receiving to enable the community of Juan Fernández to advance the protection of species and conservation of the archipelago confirms the collective will of the public and private sectors to address the challenges of climate change as we all have a role to play.”

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