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Fires in Chile have Claimed 23 Lives

Officers try to extinguish the fire in Puren, Araucania, Chile, Saturday (4/2/2023) local time. The fires have claimed at least 23 lives.

Residents take shelter in a car near a burning forest in Puren, Chile, Saturday evening (4/2/2023) local time. Forest fires spread across southern and central Chile, prompting evacuations and the declaration of a state of emergency in several areas.

The condition of the forest in Puren, Araucania, Chile, which has been burned down, Saturday. The intense heatwave has made it difficult for firefighters to control the burning areas.

A dead duck lies on the ground after a forest fire hit Santa Juana, Chille, Saturday (4/2/2023) local time. Another 16 fires broke out on Saturday. The temperature, which reached 40 degrees Celsius, made the fire difficult to control.

A woman walks on the rubble of a house destroyed by a forest fire, in Puren, Chilie, Saturday (4/2/2023) local time. More than 1,100 residents have evacuated themselves to temporary shelters

Firefighters prepare to extinguish a fire in Puren forest, Chilie. According to official reports, at least 979 people have been reported injured as a result of this fire.
Members of the National Forest Corporation (CONAF) brigade fight a fire in Nacimiento, Concepcion province, Chile, Saturday (4/2/2023). The Chilean government has extended the state of disaster to include the southern region of Araucania, as well as the Nuble and Biobio regions.

People cross a bridge during a fire in Renaico, Araucania, Chille. Brazil, Uruguay, Mexico and Spain have also offered to help the Chilean government to put out the fires.

Residents clear debris after a forest fire ravaged an area in Santa Juana, Chile Saturday (4/2/2023). The fires destroyed at least 88 houses and swept 47,000 hectares of land.

Residents cool the ground with water in hopes of preventing forest fires, near Puren, Chile, Saturday (4/2/2023) local time.

Source : Kompas.id