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Plastigen Becomes Roboze 3d Parts Partner in Chile

PLASTIGEN has joined the ROBOZE 3D PARTS NETWORK, the AM production network developed by ROBOZE, a technology provider of industrial 3D printing systems. Active in business for more than 65 years, PLASTIGEN is Chile’s leading industrial polymer supplier and parts manufacturer. It will now support Chilean manufacturers and OEMs by offering qualified 3D printed parts just in time and on-demand, made with ROBOZE’s innovative additive manufacturing systems and materials.

Chile has been experiencing various manufacturing trends in recent years, driven by factors such as technological advancements, globalization, sustainability, and changing consumer demands. The concept of Industry 4.0, which refers to the integration of digital technologies into manufacturing processes, is gaining momentum in Chile. This includes the use of big data analytics, cloud computing, cyber-physical systems, and additive manufacturing (3D printing). Industry 4.0 initiatives aim to create smart factories that are interconnected, flexible, and capable of autonomous decision-making.

Within this context, the partnership between PLASTIGEN and ROBOZE opens opportunities for Chilean manufacturers to optimize their supply chains, reduce lead times, and eliminate the challenges associated with sourcing high-performance technical parts from distant suppliers. This localized additive manufacturing solution can help increase productivity and operational efficiency in manufacturing, as well as contribute to sustainability efforts by reducing material waste and energy consumption compared to traditional manufacturing methods. This collaboration can pave the way for innovative and sustainable manufacturing practices in the country.

“ROBOZE’s additive manufacturing has revolutionized the way we produce parts and components, enabling faster production times, reduced costs, and design flexibility. With their expertise in high-performance materials and industrial 3D printing, we want to give Chilean manufacturers access to a reliable source of high-performance technical components resistant to wear, corrosion, and strong mechanical, chemical and thermal exposure, tailored to their specific needs, and on-demand,” said Daniel Irarrazabal, CEO of PLASTIGEN.

The ROBOZE 3D PARTS NETWORK is composed of globally distributed partners established to provide customers with access to its advanced 3D printing solutions and services. With its on-demand manufacturing capabilities, the network offers a flexible solution for companies wishing to produce complex parts, prototypes, and small runs without the need for traditional tooling or expensive molds, on-site and on-demand.

“We are excited to announce the addition of PLASTIGEN to the ROBOZE 3D PARTS partnership network, marking a significant milestone in the localization of advanced manufacturing and empowering the local content in Chile,” said Arash Shadravan, ROBOZE Global Business Development Director. “ROBOZE’s advanced industrial additive manufacturing capabilities, combined with PLASTIGEN’s decades of experience, bring a revolutionary era of innovation to Chile. Our primary objective is to locally manufacture corrosion; thermal; chemical mechanical resistant industrial parts using composites and polymers that have the potential to replace metal, while simultaneously reducing lead time and costs. By working together, we aim to reshape the traditional concept of warehousing and transform it into digital where parts can be efficiently produced on-demand, with a greater focus on sustainability.

“Together, we embrace the transformative power of additive manufacturing, forging a future where technology and sustainability converge for the benefit of both industry and planet.”

Source : Voxel Matters