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Police Brutality Returns to the Streets of Santiago de Chile

On Tuesday, the militarized police (Carabineros) harshly repressed the citizens who marched in Santiago during the third anniversary of the start of the 2019 social uprising.

“The repression is still intact. This should not be and is incomprehensible. Nothing changed in the end!,” Recoleta Mayor Daniel Jadue said, condemning police violence allowed by President Gustavo Boric, who himself suffered police brutality when he was a student leader.

The Corporation for the Promotion and Defense of People’s Rights (CODEPU) confirmed that at least 195 people were detained and transferred to police stations. It also denounced that the police used tear gas and water with chemical agents against the demonstrators.

The Chilean mainstream media also resorted to their old disinformation tactics. Instead of making visible what was happening in their own country, private television channels reported extensively on the protests in Europe, presenting harsh images of police violence in France.

Similar to previous right-wing governments, the militarized police also attacked the journalists who were covering the protests. One of the most alarming events was the arrest of reporter Carolina Trejo, who has not yet appeared at any police station, as reported by teleSUR correspondent Paola Dragnic.

“The third anniversary of the 2019 social protests in Chile and the Carabineros are out here brutalizing protesters. Complete impunity for the human rights abuses they committed during the past three years,” tweeted journalist Erik Thurman.

On Oct. 18, 2019, Chileans took to the streets to “protest the rise in the price of public transport, initiating mobilizations that remained constant for several months and that channeled the discontent of society due to the overwhelming inequality,” Uruguayan outlet Grupo R recalled.

Source : teleSUR