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Chile: Teachers Report a 90 Percent Compliance in the Strike

On Thursday, the teachers’ union of Chile affirmed that the strike called for 48 hours achieved a 90 percent compliance during the first day of struggle.

The strike was escalating. Before the winter vacations in Chile, it was for 24 hours and today culminated the second stage of 48 hours in which the teachers were clear in expressing their disagreement with the Government’s offer to the eight points they demand.

The points include demands such as the payment of the historical debt that has been accumulated for more than four decades and that President Gabriel Boric promised in his campaign that it would be an issue to be resolved.

There are other demands that have to do with issues such as the labor burden.

Chilean teachers are demanding a series of measures to put an end to bureaucratic red tape in education. In Chile, education is not really public, but rather outsourced to municipalities and private administrators who demand a series of procedures, which in the midst of the mental health crisis faced by children and adolescents, further complicates and burdens teachers.

They called on the Minister of Education, Marco Antonio Avila, who was a former teacher and was in the streets, to sincerely state his position regarding the demands.

In addition, they are going to analyze what the next steps will be to pressure the government to advance in the fulfillment of these eight measures.

Source : Tele Sur