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Hydrogen-Based Liquefied Gas Produced in Chile

HIF Global and Empresas GASCO last Thursday (October 5) announced the first production of hydrogen-based “carbon neutral liquefied gas” (e-LG) from its Haru Oni e-fuels facility in Chile.

The plant’s primary product of e-gasoline is produced by combining green hydrogen and biogenic carbon dioxide (CO2), while e-LG is produced during the conversion of e-methanol to e-gasoline.

Coming off the back of an R&D investment of $3m from GASCO as part of an agreement signed in 2021, the Chilean gas company hopes to be able to use e-LG in a range of different gas-based energy solutions.

GASCO has already carried out and will continue to perform analyses and tests to certify the safety of e-LG use and comply with existing regulations.

“Participating in the production of the first carbon-neutral liquefied gas in the world is a new demonstration of our company’s commitment to the development of innovative technologies and solutions that contribute significantly to the transition towards carbon neutrality,” said Matias Perez, President of Empresas GASCO.

Haru Oni comes as HIF’s first demonstration of its e-fuels production capacity. The company is also exploring developing large-scale plants in Texas and Uruguay.

“We celebrate a substantial milestone for the hydrogen derivatives industry, allowing us to continue to show a portfolio of alternatives to decarbonise our plant and reduce the reliability of fossil fuels,” said Cesar Norton, President and CEO of HIF Global.

He added, “Empresas GASCO has been a great ally in achieving this goal, as we need to strongly promote innovation and development to efficiently address the urgency of climate change.”

Source : H2 View