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Former Chilean Presidents Honoured Over Laying Groundwork for Santiago 2023 Games

Former Chilean Presidents Sebastian Piñera and Michelle Bachelet were among those honoured for helping make the dream of hosting the 2023 Pan American Games in Santiago a reality.

In a ceremony at the Pan American Family Hotel, the two former leaders were joined by fellow honorees Panam Sports President Neven Ilic, Chilean Olympic Committee President Miguel Angel Mujica, Sports Ministers and leaders of the Bid Committee.

Chilean volleyball player Vicente Parraguirre and field hockey player Denise Rojas presented commemorative medals to all of the sport and government leaders who have helped Chile to prepare for the Games that start next Friday (October 20).

“My special gratitude to everyone that has contributed to this journey,” said Santiago 2023 President and Chilean Sports Minister Jaime Pizarro. 

“I hope that as a community we will be able to fill these venues with a tremendous crowd and be really exceptional hosts because I have no doubt that we can do so very well.”

Bachelet commented: “I’m very content that three Governments have worked on this, with mine, that of President Piñera and now President Boric’s.

“We are going to host a marvellous spectacle and I hope that everyone enjoys it and supports all of our athletes.”

Piñera added: “I want us all to take advantage of these Games, to help Chile take a leap forward and transform our country into one of sport.

“I congratulate everyone, as Michelle reminded us, this began in 2017 in Prague, and now we are just eight days away from realizing a dream.

“I’d like to thank Neven Ilic for his permanent support and of course the Sports Ministers that have contributed as well.”

Ilic commented: “The truth is I want to personally thank each of you as former Presidents of our Republic.

“We have always felt your support.

“It’s true that when one has the support of the President of the Republic, paths open up to you and it’s much easier to do everything.

“We are just one week away and this is going to be marvellous for Chile.”

Source : insidethegames.biz