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Environmentally Concerned Chile Unveils First Green Hydrogen-Powered Bus

Chile’s first intercity bus powered by green hydrogen was launched Wednesday. According to those behind the initiative, these units generate water and heat as their only waste, thus eliminating polluting emissions en route to reducing the carbon footprint, the state agency Corporación de Fomento de la Producción (Corfo) and the company Foton, said.

 The project was announced in 2021 as part of the country’s environmental policy. Transport accounts for 25% of greenhouse gases in the South American country, it was also explained.

The new vehicle only generates water and heat as the only waste, leaving polluting emissions behind. In addition, the bus has a range of up to 400 kilometers and can carry 47 passengers plus the driver.

“The economic challenge facing our country is to close productivity gaps while generating quality jobs and moving towards carbon neutrality,” said Deputy Economy Minister Javiera Petersen, while Andes Motor Electromobility Manager Cristian Contreras underlined that “sustainable cities start with transport”.

Santiago de Chile has more than 2,000 electric buses, which is tantamount to 31% of its total vehicles. The country owns the second-largest fleet in the world, behind China.

The reduction of polluting gas emissions is becoming increasingly evident and in 2022 a study conducted by the Chilean Ministry of Environment showed 60% of users and 75% of drivers admitted noise levels had decreased.

On the other hand, the national government is waiting for another 1,000 electric units before the end of the current presidential term.

Despite these announcements, a 0.4% drop in the local economy by the end of 2023, the Central Bank of Chile reported Wednesday. However, October’s Economic Expectations Survey (EEE) also foresaw 1.8% growth for 2024.

Regarding inflation, it is projected to have a 0.5% variation this month and 0.3% in November. By the end of 2023, the Consumer Price Index (CPI) is expected to have increased 4.2% after 2022’s 12.8%.

Source : Merco Press