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Chile: Nonviolent Journalism Workshop in the Cerrillos Municipality

It is the first in-person workshop on Nonviolent Journalism.

By: Ricardo Rojas

With great enthusiasm, the Nonviolent Journalism Workshop developed by the International News Agency Pressenza began to take place in the Public Bookshop of the Cerrillos community. The workshop has the support of the Municipality and particularly of its Mayor, Mrs. Lorena Facuse and the support of the head of the bookshop, Mrs. Patricia Herrera.

Indeed, this Saturday, October 7th, with the attendance of a good number of participants, the first session of the workshop took place, in which the participants introduced themselves to each other, and in their introduction, they exchanged views on the concepts of violence and nonviolence in its many forms, in relation to their personal experience and the way in which the news events are approached by the traditional media.

The conversation, accompanied by a comforting coffee, was frank and entertaining and highlighted the participants’ interest in the need to create alternative media that highlight the real concerns of neighbours, which are part of their daily lives and which present permanent elements of violence.

The workshop, which for the first time is being held in person, will last eight sessions, which, along with work on topics such as the Landscape of Formation and the Universal Human Nation, will provide the necessary elements for participants to create Articles. Opinion Columns and conduct Interviews and Photo-reportages, according to the principles of the Workshop.

The session ended with the assignment of a task to prepare the first article, work that will be advised by Iris Colil, David Meléndez, and Ricardo Rojas, who act as mentors to the students.

Source : Pressenza