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Chile’s Cristobal Hiche Announces His Retirement from Baseball 

Chile’s 40-year-old veteran baseball player, Cristobal Hiche, has declared his retirement from the sport following the match between Chile and Venezuela for the seventh position at the Santiago 2023 Pan American Games.

The oldest player in Chile’s team bid farewell to baseball after representing the national team since 2011. Cristobal took his first steps in this sport at the age of 4. He was influenced by his father, who was from Tocopilla, a city known as “the cradle” of baseball in Chile due to the significant development of this discipline in that region.

“I have mixed feelings, sadness for ending the Pan American Games and joy for having done my best in this tournament and throughout my career with the national team. The fans have been excellent with us, nothing to say, thank you very much for accompanying us all, they have given us all the support. Also, thanks to the people at Panam Sports who have provided us with everything we needed,” said Hiche before commenting on his future.

“In England, I see myself training my team, as I have done on several occasions with the youth teams. I would like to coach the first team, so there are future plans.” About the sport, he recommended, “Play baseball, practice it. In baseball, there are no physical limits to play like there are in other sports. In baseball, anyone can play, whether they are tall, short, anyone can. Different positions require different physical aspects, which means that many children can play,” Hiche concluded.

The national team player had experience in local leagues and moved to the United States. He has represented a club in the local British league and has also played in semi professional leagues, the University of Arizona, Glendale Community College, among other teams.

At the end of the match, he also had an emotional moment with his young son, Oscar Hiche, who accompanied him in his last game.

Source : Panam Sports