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Brazil Beats Chile in the Fight for Gold in Taekwondo

Santiago, Chile - Octubre 24: CHILE VS BRASIL, BRASIL GANADOR DE MEDALLA DE ORO,Taekwondo Centro de Deportes de Contacto del Parque Estadio Nacional por los Juegos Panamericanos Santiago 2023. Esteban Fagett/Panam Sports via Xpress Media

Brazil defeated Chile in the men’s Kyorugi taekwondo final.

The gold medal was awarded to Brazil’s men’s Kyorugi team, composed of Edival Marques, Maicon de Andrade, and Paulo Souza. Paulo Souza had previously secured the bronze in the -58kg Kyorugi individual category. The Brazilian team dominated the competition with a final score of 48-16 against Chile.

The athletes from the Dominican Republic won the gold in the women’s category. The team, consisting of Katherine Rodriguez, Madelyn Rodriguez and Mayerlin Mejia, succeeded with a score of 54-44 against Mexico.

“I performed very well, and it was a significant achievement for Brazil. I am thrilled to have once again contributed to my country,” expressed Edival Marques, a Team Brazil member.

The women’s final began with intense competition between Mexico and the Dominican Republic. Both teams had not previously secured any gold medals in taekwondo. Mayerlin Mejia from the Dominican Republic shared her excitement: “We worked extremely hard for this result, and realizing that we achieved it is immensely satisfying. I am overjoyed for our team and for bringing this medal back to our country.”

Mexico’s team, consisting of Leslie Soltero, Victoria Heredia, and Fabiola Villegas, has earned six medals in the discipline so far. However, they settled for the silver medal on this occasion. Team Mexico expressed disappointment at missing out on gold but remains optimistic about the remaining Pan American Games events.

The crowd in the men’s final was cheering on Chile, which had high expectations of winning gold. Chile’s men’s Kyorugi team, composed of Ignacio Morales, Aaron Contreras and Joaquin Churchill, faced the Brazilian team. Brazil excelled in the competition, eventually winning gold, while Chile took silver.

“We are delighted; we had only achieved bronze, and this is our first silver medal in the Pan American Games. We worked very hard for this,” expressed Chile’s athlete Ignacio Morales.

The bronze medals were determined in the semifinals. Brazil’s and Cuba’s teams won the bronze medals in the women’s category, while Mexico’s and Ecuador’s teams won the bronze medals in the men’s category.

Source : Panam Sports