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The Brothers from Trinidad and Tobago Win the Bronze and Affection of Chileans

The players won a historic 3×3 basketball medal at Santiago 2023.

The Boyd brothers, Ahkeem and Ahkeel, made history by winning a historic bronze medal for their country, Trinidad and Tobago, in the 3×3 basketball tournament at Santiago 2023. The Trinidadian team was the second-worst-ranked team in the competition, with a FIBA ranking of 11th. Nonetheless, the Boyd brothers’ abilities earned them a bronze medal at the Pan American Games, as well as the affection of the Chilean crowd at the Estadio Español.

In the bronze medal match against Venezuela, the Boyd brothers delivered an impressive performance. Together, they contributed 19 of their team’s 21 points. With just 20 seconds left in the game and Venezuela leading 20-19, Ahkeem Boyd made a long-range shot that secured the two points needed for Trinidad and Tobago to claim the desired medal. The crowd exploded in jubilation, with cheers and excitement filling the stands.

Their performance was so extraordinary that the crowd chanted “T-T-O” to express their support for the relatively unknown Caribbean team. When the final match ended, Ahkeel broke down in tears alongside his brother. Both wept tears of joy at achieving something historic for basketball in their country. Ahkeel even gave his number one jersey to the fans as a gesture of gratitude. There were selfies, autographs and heartfelt affections exchanged between the Trinidadian players and their newfound supporters, who will never forget their remarkable performance at Santiago 2023.

“Winning the bronze medal feels incredible. Signing an autograph for the first time is amazing and it gives us a lot of confidence to keep going. The journey was very tough, it was a struggle to come from the bottom and give something to our country,” Ahseem said amid his tears.

“They’ve been playing basketball since they were 10, since they could get into a school. I’ve trained them since they were in middle school and they’re both skilled and passionate players. They’ve had a really hard path to get here, because in Trinidad and Tobago there’s just not as much support for sport,” said the Boyd brothers’ trainer, Christopher Charles.

The Boyd brothers’ presence at the Pan American Games will be preserved in the memories of Trinidad and Tobago and all 3×3 basketball fans. These two talented athletes, who exceeded expectations and overcame adversity, not only brought home the bronze medal but also the affection and recognition of the entire continent.

Source : Panam Sports