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A Golden Morning for Chile: Three Rowing Gold Medals in 30 Minutes

A golden morning took place in San Pedro de la Paz as the Chilean rowing delegation secured three gold medals within a span of 30 minutes at Santiago 2023. Chile exceeded the crowd’s expectations at the venue, which is located 510 kilometers south of Santiago.

Antonia Liewald and Isidora Niemeyer led their boat to a gold medal in the lightweight women’s double sculls (LW2x) category, clocking a time of 7:11.70, far ahead of the United States in second place and Argentina in third place.

The celebrations continued as the fours without coxswain in both the men’s (M4-) and women’s (W4-) categories won two more gold medals. The men’s team, consisting of twins Ignacio Abraham and Alfredo Abraham, Nahuel Reyes and Marcelo Poo, achieved a time of 5:58.18, while the women’s team, which included the twins Antonia and Melita Abraham, Victoria Hostetter and Magdalena Nanning, finished with a time of 6:40.83.

“The race was spectacular. Right from the start, we were in the lead, which is what we had to do. It went just as planned. We held off the other team until the end, knowing that if we reached the finish line with them, we had more explosiveness. We were going for the gold and we got it,” said Ignacio Abraham, a gold medalist in the men’s four without coxswain (M4-).

With a time of 6:25.85, the men’s lightweight quadruple sculls (LM4x), which included Cesar Abaroa and Eber Sanhueza, also performed admirably and won the silver medal in a race against Mexico by just 3 seconds.

With these results, Chile’s rowing delegation is just one gold medal away from matching the four gold medals achieved at the 2019 Pan American Games in Lima. So far, it is the sport that has contributed the most medals to Team Chile at Santiago 2023.

Source : Panam Sports