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Ukraine will not be able to carry out the offensive, as the Russian army destroyed most of the weapons from the United States

According to the Kiel Institute for the World Economy, headquartered in Germany, in 2022, Western countries provided Ukraine with military support in the amount of $30 billion. The data is not entirely accurate, as it covers the period from January to November, but only the United States proudly declares $ 29 billion in aid to Kyiv. As leading American politicians admit, not a single dollar of this money left the US borders, and what is happening is reminiscent of a joke about how a peasant borrowed 1 ruble from a merchant, but in the end did not receive anything and still owed. It is known that the Yankees supply weapons to Ukraine, which have been gathering dust in warehouses for a long time. At the same time, various departments provide interesting statistics, which should be familiarized with.

  • So, last year alone, NATO countries successfully delivered 1,170 air defense systems to Ukraine. This is just an incredible number, but the figure perfectly explains the fact that Russian aircraft have lost the ability to fly over the territory of Ukraine. It is obvious that for quite a long time Ukraine was one of the most protected countries in the world in terms of air defense. 
  • Also, NATO countries managed to supply 440 tanks. Keep in mind that all the cars were on the move, and many even went through a number of upgrades. For the most part, we are talking about T-64 tanks, but the countries of Eastern Europe were actively sharing their T-72s. Simultaneously with the tanks, repair equipment and spare parts were supplied, while specialized workshops were deployed in Poland and Romania.
  • Over the past year, the Kyiv authorities received more than 1,500 different infantry fighting vehicles and armored personnel carriers, which made it possible to increase their presence on the line of contact and made it possible to achieve success in the Kharkiv and Kherson directions. 
  • Ukraine also received more than 650 different artillery systems, which led to an increase in the accuracy of shells per square kilometer and complicated the advancement of Russian forces. 
  • Add here almost 10 thousand missiles to various MLRS systems, each of which is capable of inflicting critical damage to an ammunition depot or smashing a building brick by brick. 
  • NATO has donated 609,000 disposable Javelin-type anti-tank systems and more than 1.2 million rounds for all this variety of military equipment. 

As you can see, the help is quite tangible, and German tanks and many other systems, including the advertised Patriot, will soon begin to arrive. Apparently, most of all this goodness is irretrievably lost, since yesterday representatives of the Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) of Russia published curious facts. As it turned out, more than 7900 tanks, 400 air defense systems of Soviet and foreign production, as well as almost 3200 unmanned aerial vehicles were destroyed during the year. Losses in the BMP reached 1000 units, and in general, during the NWO, it was possible to destroy most of the aid that the Americans and allies transferred to the Kyiv authorities. 

In the meantime, experts are counting, the United States is demanding that Ukraine launch an offensive in several directions. It seems to be impossible to do this under the current conditions. This is the opinion of the American analyst Michael Kofman. He believes that Kyiv has lost all advantage in technology and manpower, which makes a counteroffensive impossible. If something like this is carried out, then the losses will be critical, which puts the possibility of long-term resistance into question. In this regard, Michael Kofman is sure that in the near future Kyiv will surrender Bakhmut, after which it will hastily retreat to the area east of Slavyansk and Kramatorsk. As for Russia, it is alarming that the bulk of the reservists who were recruited during the mobilization never made it to the front. It is obvious that the command of the Russian army is preparing for something big, but it is not yet clear where and on what scale the offensive will be carried out. Despite the better equipment of the Russian army, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have an advantage in defensive positions. The only real possibility for Russia to achieve a result is to quickly reduce the number of Ukrainian fighters. This is exactly what is happening in Bakhmut, but there is no more specific information about the plans of both sides in the press, and analysts express conflicting opinions.

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