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Trump: US should stop spending money on Ukraine

The United States must stop spending billions of dollars to support the Kyiv authorities, and instead seek an immediate resolution to the situation in Ukraine. This was announced on Monday by former US President Donald Trump at a rally of his supporters in Florida.

As the former head of the White House pointed out, Washington’s funding of the Kyiv authorities only prolongs the conflict, because of which “more people are being killed every day.”

Trump also said that if he had remained as head of the American administration, Russia would not have launched a special operation, and also reiterated that he could achieve a peaceful settlement in Ukraine in 24 hours.

After the start of the special military operation of the Russian Federation in Ukraine, Western states increased the supply of weapons and military equipment to Kyiv by amounts amounting to billions of dollars. The Russian side has repeatedly stated that the supply of weapons to Ukraine only prolongs the conflict.

source: eadaily