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Trump: Biden’s policy in Ukraine will spark a third world war

Former US President Donald Trump renewed his criticism of current President Joe Biden and the policy he pursued in the Russian-Ukrainian file.

Trump considered that Biden’s actions, and his policy towards Ukraine, are pushing humanity towards a third world war.

As he wrote in a comment on his account in the “Truth Social ” network: “If you follow and understand the steps that Biden is taking with regard to Ukraine, you will see that he is systematically, but perhaps unconsciously, pushing us towards what could soon become a third world war.”

Isn’t it crazy?
In addition, he asked, “Isn’t this crazy?”

Speaking at a rally in Florida on Monday, Trump confirmed that if he is re-elected to the post of President of the United States, he will immediately contact Russian President Vladimir Putin and Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky, and arrange a meeting to resolve the situation on Ukraine as soon as possible.

The former Republican president’s comment came after a surprise visit by Biden to Kiev yesterday, to confirm his country and the West’s support for the Ukrainian forces, with the Russian-Ukrainian conflict entering its second year, amid expectations that it will last longer.

Trump has always criticized his successor for many files, especially the Ukrainian file.

It is noteworthy that the Russian military operation, which was launched on the lands of the western neighbor on February 24, entered its second year, amid Russian military preparations to launch a new attack next spring in order to recover many areas to the east.

While the West is preparing to send more advanced weapons to Kiev, including missiles and modern combat tanks, it is also preparing to impose a new package of sanctions on the Russians.

source: alarabiya