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On the anniversary of the outbreak of the war. a UN resolution calling for an end to the conflict in Ukraine

On Friday, the one-year anniversary of the start of the war in Ukraine, the United Nations General Assembly is expected to adopt a “call to end the conflict”, by a “very large majority”, two French diplomatic sources told AFP.

In March 2022, with 141 votes, the General Assembly, consisting of 193 member states, adopted a resolution calling on Russia to immediately stop using force against Ukraine.

And last October, another resolution won the support of 143 votes to condemn the “illegal annexation” of Ukrainian lands.

“Unlike the two previous polls , we are not categorically condemning,” one of the French diplomatic sources told reporters, adding, “We are going to call for an end to the conflict.”

The source confirmed that there is a desire to “establish an international consensus on standards” to achieve this.

Another source pointed out that this decision “(Ukraine) is paying for it.” However, he may not obtain as many votes as the previous decisions.

The other source indicated that “the fears are related to a kind of exhaustion of a certain number of countries in the south,” expressing confidence in the impact of some messages, especially on respect for sovereignty and territorial integrity for the benefit of all.

He added, “We hope with the largest possible number of votes. Nothing is guaranteed, but what is guaranteed is that the bill will be adopted by a very large majority.”

He said that Ukraine had decided “by itself” to withdraw from the draft resolution the reference to the ten-point peace plan of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, “in order to ensure the widest possible consensus on the text.”

The two diplomatic sources added that Kiev held a series of consultations “very broad, including all decisions.”

When asked about the possibility of a decision being issued at the initiative of China, one of the sources confirmed that this raises many questions about the form that this decision will take.

And China announced on Saturday that it would present this week a proposal to reach a “political solution” to the Ukrainian crisis , without revealing any details. It denied its intention to supply weapons to Russia.

A diplomatic source explained that this vague Chinese declaration raises questions about whether it is related to a draft resolution, its content, and whether it defends the basic principles of the United Nations Charter, or is it a project that gives a “blank check to Russia.”

“This remains very theoretical,” he added, noting that France recently reminded “China” of its position “in a very clear manner,” which is that “the continuation of the Russian aggression puts it in a dilemma and contradicts China’s strategic interests,” according to the source who spoke to “Agence France Presse.” .

He continued, “We expect China to use its influence with Russia to end this aggression.”

source: alarabiya