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The Perfect Escape: Where to Go in Chile’s Wine Country

Escapism is Vik Chile, a winery-lodging combination that is touted as “the most luxurious hotel in Chile.” Founded in 2004 by Alex and Carrie Vik, this groundbreaking center for viticulture heaven brings the class of wine and the charm of Chilean culture to lucky visitors looking to discover their next favorite getaway.

Vik Chile’s focus on sustainable growing and winemaking is at the forefront of its values. One thousand acres of land separated into 12 micro-climates make up the award-winning vineyard space. Equal care and detail was poured into the science behind the soil, vines and grape harvesting, to focus on minimizing environmental impact while cultivating wines of unparalleled taste and quality. 

Vik Chile was the recipient of several 2022 awards, including 4th Best Vineyard in the World, “World’s Leading Wine Region Hotel” by World Travel Awards and “Chile’s Leading Resort 2022.” The land is awash with activities and experiences that lead the charge in innovative tourism.

Day 1: Trails and Tastings at VIK Chile

Once you arrive, the hotel’s breathtaking design work is the first thing noticed. The private rooms and glass bungalows boast equal opulence, and the 360-degree views from the hotel’s windows can be witnessed from the restaurants, pool and Zen garden. Bold colors and line designs create characteristic glamor, curated through Anslem Kiefer and Robert Matta.

VIK Experiences afford several ways to take in the majesty of the grounds. Rent mountain bikes to venture into additional terroir and ride through the topography. Or, explore the rows of vines on horseback for a unique vantage point of the winery’s . For those looking for a relaxed pace, trek through the territory to take in the sights from a leisurely walking pace.

For a lunch break, Vik Chile offers a picnic experience that serves as the perfect pit stop along the trails. Local cuisine paired with fresh wines straight from the stores will replenish those needed calories and provide a refreshing break in the action.

Once the exertions are finished, finding your way back to Vik Hotel rewards luxurious care services to relax after a bout of adventures. Choose a soak in the hotel’s patented “Wine Bath” for a rejuvenating treatment unlike anything else, or opt for the tailor-made “Vineyard Recovery” massage that targets muscles left sore from the day’s activities. Standard procedures are also available for classic relaxation amenities.

After unwinding, tuck into some hearty fare with barbecue in the VIK Lodge, the classic setting that looks over the valley. Of course, wine to complement the rich, smoky dishes is a given.

Day 2: Tastings of All Types

Take full advantage of the winery’s proximity by sampling several vintage across a variety of tasting experiences. Get acquainted with the winemaking process by starting in the immersive cellar tour, where guests walk through the Fermentation Hall and Barrel Hall before entering the Tasting Room. The regal design exhibited throughout the winery is reflected outdoors, where a stunning rooftop created with translucent fabric and artfully-placed golden stones.

Break for lunch at Pavilion to enjoy some ultra-colorful dishes curated with local ingredients. Conversely, head to Milla Milla, the adjacent restaurant set in an open, airy abode. 

For the crux of the winery, the tastings provide an intimate glimpse into the laborious process of creating distinct, delicious vintages. A traditional tasting lays the foundation for the journey, with pure grapes like Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon leading the charge. Premium tastings include a glass of Le Piu Belle, a selection made to honor the winery’s resident goddess, along with three barrel varietals. The VIK tasting serves its house-named Wine VIK to coincide with the wines on deck.

To get in the frame of mind for dinner, cooking lessons are an available amenity, with ingredients sourced right from the hotel’s onsite kitchen garden. Later, the day culminates with Milla Milla again for dinner, along with wine pairings in the company of the winemakers themselves.

Vik Chile Wine To Go

This captivating stay is complete with take-home treasures, courtesy of the wine shop. Shop bottles with the wise, beautiful likeness of La Piu Belle adorning the bottles. Other vintages sold in multipacks and magnum bottle sizes are available, as the greatest souvenirs imaginable.

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