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Chile tracks the Atlantic-Pacific Chinese jigger fleet

The Chilean Navy and the country’s National Fisheries Service, Sernapesca, reported that they are keeping track of the “devastating” Chinese fleet sailing from the Atlantic to the Pacific oceans and currently sailing north along the Chilean coast line, after ending its squid season.

The Navy and Sernapesca expect some 450 Chinese vessels to make the crossing and then head north. Sernapesca director Soledad Tapia, and Commander Fernando Gallegos, head of Directemar said that tracking also includes a satellite monitoring to ensure Chilean EEC.

“So far we have not detected any illegal fishing activities in our EEC, but the navy is on a 24/7 vigilance to protect marine resources,” explained Commander Gallegos.

Sernapesca director, Soledad Tapia added that the Chinese fleet usually begins sailing Pacific north along the Chilean coast in mid May, after crossing the Magellan Strait, but June is the great month when the approximately 450 vessels abandon the Atlantic.

Ms Tapia said the Chinese fleet is involved in squid intensive fishing, in almost ‘plunder conditions’, with an annual turnover that can be estimated close to 700 million dollars. But, “here in Chile we are monitoring them all the time with the Navy and have a clear picture of how fast they move, where they slow down and if they effectively fish or not. They finally head to international waters, outside of the country’s EEC”.

Source: mercopress