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Chilean adventist churches launch child discipleship project

During this year, in all the mission fields of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Chile, Evangelism Kids, a discipleship project for children ages 6–12 with the accompaniment of their parents and local Children’s Ministries leaders, will be implemented.

The project or discipleship movement, which is based on continuous training, seeks to permanently support the work of parents in the formation of children with a missionary and evangelistic vision towards their peers. Consequently, each training will allow the children to recognize and feel that doing mission is like living “a wonderful journey” with “four main stops,” which are the areas to develop: intercessory prayer, missionary couples, small groups, and children preachers.


Since this is an intentional discipleship, parents and guardians will participate in various workshops and trainings. In addition, the church has prepared materials for children, parents, and teachers to help them in the process of discipleship with the new generations. These are didactic materials, according to the age of the participants. Basically, the Evangelism Kids kit contains a Manual for Parents, a Manual for Children, a passport in which the child will keep a record of the challenges accomplished as a missionary, and a Bible with practical tools to develop the discipleship task.

“Evangelism Kids is an integrative project, where very practical tools will be provided for parents to develop discipleship from home,” says Carol Villarroel, director of Children’s Ministries for the Central Chile Mission, adding that “the most important thing is to generate a real link between the church and the family in pursuit of the care of the new generations, empowering them with the vision of being missionaries for Christ.”


During the month of April, training had been developed for the leaders of Children’s Ministries so they can replicate the dynamics and structure of the program in their districts or local churches and, in this way, initiate this missionary and discipleship walk with the children in order to create a more mission-minded fervor and a stronger generation in Christ.

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