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Chile, Argentina Facing Scorching Heat Wave in Middle of Winter

Chile and Argentina are experiencing abnormally high temperatures during their winter in yet another sign of the increasingly dire effects of climate change.

Some parts of Chile, especially in the north, will see temperatures hit nearly 39 degrees Celsius (102 degrees Fahrenheit), the same mark experienced by Europe in the middle of summer.

“Today the Vicuna Los Pimientos Station in the Coquimbo region recorded 37°C, the second highest historical maximum temperature at the national level for the winter months. In August 1951, a maximum temperature of 37.3°C was recorded in Copiapo,” Chile’s Meteorological Service said Tuesday.

The heat wave comes after the southcentral region suffered devastating floods last month, causing rain that had not been seen in 30 years.

In the city of Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, the temperature exceeded 30 Celsius on Tuesday.

“This is the warmest start to August in 117 years of data,” reported the country’s National Meteorological Service.

The 30-degree barrier had not been exceeded during the winter in the nation’s capital since August 2014, authorities reported.

Farmers have been advised to review the water demand of plants and adjust the amount and frequency of irrigation, according to the needs of the crop.

During August, September and October, the heat could continue in some areas of Argentina, and Chile amid the El Nino phenomenon, which will increase already high temperatures and is expected to affect other countries in the region including Colombia, Peru and Ecuador.

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